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08-Nov-2017 18:19

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This website contains sexually explicit material, and is for adult viewing only.If you are under the age of 18, please exit now by clicking the "Exit" link below.And the focus of discussion, she said, was not only on sex but also on relationships. ” She said they explained to young students that while they can make friends or relationship, they should not engage in sex as this would be “in conflict” with achieving their goals.She said they told students that while they are studying, they can make friends and have a boyfriend or girlfriend at age 19. They also warned them of the possibility of acquiring sexually transmitted disease if they would not be careful.“Because many parents say: Just study, no friends, which is not appropriate because they are teenagers,” Dionisio said. “We should have relationship education and sex is part of it so that they will see the value of the sex in the context of the relationship because when I tell them how often is lovemaking when you’re married, for good marriages, how often is lovemaking?

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