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Modern joints including glue or Phillips head screws clearly identifies a sofa as a reproduction. Make certain that the wood and construction matches so you will be aware of later modifications or repairs. An antique sofa may be very finely carved but should still show signs of being handmade.

Use these details to date a 19th century sofa: Rosettes, finials, incised lines and elaborate feet may all help to identify antique sofas.

Vintage sofas dating to the 20th century are typically more heavily upholstered and do not have visible wooden elements, outside of legs.

Tables are as useful today as they were when first made, and are virtually second only to chairs in popularity with collectors.

Often less well proportioned, much simpler in design with splats with little or no carving.

The methods employed by London makers of the mid-18th C.

set the standards for virtually all wood chair manufacturers until the present day.

More reproductions have been made of mid-18th C chairs than any other period.

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A vintage sofa or antique couch should have a well-constructed wooden frame, typically with dovetailed joints.

We take great pride in providing the finest quality iron beds made, yesterday and today.

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During the 17th century the oak stretcher table was the most common type of dining table, but from 1700 both large and small tables became more varied in form.

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