Is taylor swift dating the lead singer of parachute

30-Aug-2017 02:32

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Isn't she simultaneously discouraging and encouraging this kind of voyeuristic speculation?

Maybe, but she's said in interviews that she doesn't mind people guessing who the tunes are about if that means they're focused in on lyrics.

, you may be surprised to come across the secret message that reads: P-A-U-L-I-S D-E-A-D. But not since the late '60s, when worried Beatlemaniacs scanned every microscopic bit of every album looking for confirmation that Paul Mc Cartney had died, have so many fans spent as much time analyzing cryptic C-L-U-E-S as they are this week, now that is out and peppered with hints about the subjects of Swift's songs.

As you may know, on every album, Swift indulges in inappropriate capitalizations in the printed lyrics of her songs, and it's not because she spilled a Coke on the shift key of her old IBM Selectric.

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Frontman Will Anderson's smooth vocals combined with the band's radio friendly pop rock sound (often compared to Maroon 5 and The Fray), is sure to make the girls swoon, if they haven't already.When you put together those capitalized letters, they spell out messages about the meanings or origins of the tune in question.