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For more than 25 years, I've lived that dream by making The Abbey a place where everyone is welcome and has an opportunity to follow their dreams. There are people visiting a gay bar for the first time, celebrities cutting loose, the staff hustling to fulfill their Hollywood dream, and all kinds of people looking for love, whether, gay, straight, lesbian or still figuring it out. Each cast member has a unique story that grows out of their experience from The Abbey."Take a look at the gallery to meet the cast of the new E!

There is something at The Abbey for everyone." is an action-packed sneak-peak into what it is really like to work at The Abbey. series and watch the supertease above to preview all of the drama ahead this season!

"The Abbey absolutely is a soap opera," The Abbey employee Elizabeth says.

"Which basically means there's a lot of fighting and a lot of f--king!

Booking.com, being established in 1996, is longtime Europe’s leader in online hotel reservations.

At you won't be charged any booking fees, cancellation fees (see particular hotel policies), or administration fees – the reservation service is ) are both available in separate lists.

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The hotel is located at Getå in Åby, Norrkoping Kommun, Ostergotlands Lan, Sweden – see Åby map ».

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(Swedish, adj.) A cozy, exceptionally pleasant, comfortable or relaxing place or situation. Talkative but not gregarious, Abby prefers to work alone. She dresses Goth style; she has tattoos (especially the spider web on her neck), wears short skirts (they are certainly getting shorter) and tight pants, platform boots, and is fond of red and black and of course her white lab coat. She is addicted to "Caf-Pow", a caffeine filled soda. She believes in justice and is often her own worst critic.That's never been my story, ever," Union, 42, told .

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"I make sure to let people know all of the hard work that's gone into my career." PHOTOS: Gabrielle and Dwyane through the years "Now that it's time to get married to a man who happens to play basketball and has done well for himself, I want to make it clear that I have in no way hitched my wagon to his star," the .Anthropomorphises her testing equipment Major Mass Spec(trometer), Bert the hippo. She also wears her hair in high pigtails, braids or buns.

We believe the only way to tell if you have chemistry with someone is to meet face-to-face, so we’ll arrange a low-pressure lunch date for you and your match.… continue reading »

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